Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Coolest machinima, pictures and stories!

Hello Koin-up-ers,

Some Koinup enthusiasts last days asked me:
" What's the hell is Coolest? Why do you name some works as coolest?

It's an interesting questions and I'm so glad to explain a little bit........

At first, let me say that any work (as videos, machinima, pictures) and any member in Koinup can be a coolest!
Coolest is a feature of Koinup works and people that obtain great feedback from the community:
Coolest works are the most view, commented and saved as favourites works
Coolest people are the most active and appreciated member of the website

Who decide if a work is coolest or not? You, abviously! We made the algorithm that displays work. But you decide if a work "rocks!" or not!!!!!!!!

Next days, we'll go on to talk about "the coolest"....

here, the actually great and coolest (more coolest!) Koinup machinima

<a href="">Shadow Dance</a> - a <a href="">the sims videos</a> by <a href="">KisaiStudios</a> on <a href="hhtp://">Koinup</a>

Video above is Shadov Dance (by Kisai Studios) is a machinima created with The Sims!
you can see also here!


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