Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Koinup Official Blog

I'm Pierluigi Casolari from Koinup and this is the Koinup Official Blog....

We'd like to use this blog to talk with you. Not only to tell you about Koinup upgrades, news, etc etc, but also to listen from you about your Koinup Personal Experience!

I'd like to tell you some upgrades we made in the last days, that I know you'll appreciate very much:

  1. At first, I'm very glad to tell you that we activated a specific tool, we called it: FAST UPLOAD. I know, someone wasn't so satisfied with our previous upload service. He was agree. Now, instead, you have the chance to upload up to 6 pictures in one shot!

    (Fastupload works only with pictures. For storyboard, you have to use our specific uploading tool. It's very easy to use and you can create storyboards 30 frames long. For videos, you have to upload them one by one)

  2. I'm also very proud to announce that we have improved a lot the quality of our Videos. We increased the frames bitrate and the audio quality. Machinima makers will join this upgrade a lot!

  3. Then, we introduced our new logo! It is a corporate rainbow. Each color mean a virtual world! Our logo has been created by the italian artist Robert Gligorov

What else? Maybe I can give some lights about our next features.........Sure, we're introducing a search engine to search between Koinup contents and we're working to improve the enjoyment of pictures and stories

more updates very soon!

Pierluigi Casolari

(I wanna do some apologizes for my english, I'm from Italy and I'm sure that my grammar is not so good....but I'm working to improve, it, too!)


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