Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Try Story Show! The Koinup tool for your stories!

I'm glad to tell you that today we launched the "Story Show". It's a slide show tool that allow you to enjoy Koinup stories in a coolest way! With Story Show you can see storyboards in a slideshow style!

Have storyboards some text in it? It is not a problem. Story Show grants a great visualization to both words and images!

It is very ease to use. While watching at some stories you have always the chance to display it as a list or as a storyshow. If you choose the Story Show display mode, you can let it to flip trought all the pictures and words or you can browse the story in the order you like it!

Some members ask me when it is better to use storyboard instead of pictures. I think that storyboard work fine what you have to say something that it is not so easy to tell with only one picture. Some Koinup artists use Koinup to publish fashion styling. Others use it to report on travels and adventures they have in virtual environment. Other use storyboard to make tutorials.
Koinup is your website, we'll be very glad to see a lot of unexpected uses of storyboard!

the detail above is from the last Nancy Po story


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