Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Upload a storyboard. Some tips for you (Part one)

I noticed that some cool members started to join our storyboard. I'm so glad of it! I wanna give you some tips to upload your stories in the more easy way!
When your story (or storyboard for a machinima or anything else) is well planned and ready, you can start to upload the first picture of it.
To do it: go in the upload page, select the right world and choose “storyboard” as the media. Then browse the first frame/screenshot and upload it.
Once published, below the image you'll find the link “Add other frames”. Click on it and in the subsequent popup window browse and choose the other frames you wanna add to your story.
Beside the images boxes you have boxes for the texts. Copy and paste your texts inside the boxes or write directly into it.
With our uploadeder you can upload 5 images at a time; so if your story is longer than 6 images, repeat this procedure more times.
Storyboard can be up to 30 frames long! If your story is longer than 30, try to divide it in parts or chapters. Hope this post help. See you next days, with other tips for the storyboard!

you can find one the coolest Koinup storyboards


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