Thursday, September 6, 2007

Browse author's works, by coolest and recent

Today, I'd like to talk about a new feature. It is some days that you can browse the author's works, filtering them by the most recent or by the coolest

Before this update, we had the chance to display works in that two way only in the list pages, that is when you had to browse Koinup by tags, when you did some search or when you went in the single words and media homepages.
Now instead, you can decide to view by coolest or recent also in the authors homepage. We think that this new feature is really useful:
1)for the author's, that with a quick look can see what it is most appreciated between its works
2)for the other members, which could benefit of new ways to enjoy works of their friends

above is “The wasteland” by Malvolio-Rehnquist (actually the coolest picture from Second Life in the last two weeks)


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