Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Flickr, Twitter and Koinup, with just one click

Have you an account in Flickr? Are you a Twitter fan? Well, we have a feature that allow you to upload in Koinup, Flickr and Twitter with just one click!

It is called crosspost and it works in this way: when you upload a work in Koinup, our crosspost tool will send automatically your work to your Flickr pages and at the same time it twit a news to your Twitter page, saying that you are posting in Koinup!
How to crosspost your works? It is really easy. You have only to insert in you Koinup account your Flickr upload email and/or your Twitter credentials.
Once you did this, each time you'll post your pics they will be featured automatically in Flickr and their url will appear in Twitter
To crosspost use “fastupload”
For any other information, check out our cross post faq

I'm glad to mention our member VieetoVoom that gave us some really interesting tips to interact with Flickr

Have fun with crosspost!!!


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