Saturday, September 29, 2007

Koinup featured on Wired

I'm really proud to tell you that Koinup has been featured on Wired! The author of the article is the cyberpunk writer Bruce Sterling! Here's the story
we at Koinup are literally flattered. Cyberpunk culture was a concrete inspiration for us and I'm a big-big fan of Bruce Sterling writing, too.
I'm really glad that Bruce posted in his blog also some works from some Koinup members as Torrid, violentdoll, Hound

I'm not sure if I told you yet in other posts, but there is a sentence that gave us a lot of inspiration while creating Koinup:
The Street finds its own uses for things - uses the manufacturers never imagined
by William Gibson, an other amazing cyberpunk writer!

For us that sentence mean: someone gave us technology, but we gradually learn to use it in a creative way..........that is what at Koinup you are doing.......



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