Saturday, December 15, 2007

New servers

We are very sorry about the several delays and maintenance times you came across in the last weeks. As you can imagine we had consistently issues with our servers machines. With the last down time we have migrated the website on other hoster.

Now Koinup should be more reliable and stable! Anyway, please report us if you will have some probs with the website!

It is possible that first time you will visit your home in Koinup, you'll find yourself logged out. If it is the case, you have just to insert your iD and password, again.

If you have probs while login, you can clear cookies of your browser and try to login again

If you forgot the psw, please go in the login page, click on forgot password and follow the subsequent instruction. We will send you an other psw

For any other prob, please write us at

Koinup Staff


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