Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cross-Media Homepages

We take advantage for the the scheduled down time
to put online our cross-media homepages........

following are some of new rewamped cross-media-world homepages:

Second Life Videos
Second Life Pictures
IMVU pictures
The Sims Videos
Other Worlds Videos

You'll find your favorite themes, media and crossworld homepage, by changing the last two sections of the url.
Example: are you looking for the imvu videos homepages? great, please
insert : /in-imvu/on-videos in the final right side of the url
you should get this:

and you'll jump in the IMVU videos homes on Koinup!!!! Do it for all the other pages you wanna browse!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your work, guys. Hope to see Koinup looking better soon. All the new improvements as Crosspost are really useful and interesting.

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