Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Which is your World! Help us to know it!

An other update for you! We have just launched a new feature, that allow you to select your (favorite) virtual world! You can find the featured in your launchpage, each time you login on Koinup!

This feature is really useful for us, because thanks to this, we will serve to you announcements and tips really relevant for you and your world!

If you are a member of Second Life, maybe you can be interested in our Second Life features as the "Send a Postcards" or in our Second Life contests
At the same time if you are a member of IMVU, you can be interested in our Koinup brand features specifically aimed at the IMVU members, as IMVU Museum

Same for other worlds, as The Sims, vSide, There, World of Warcraft and others

we are building a customized experience for each please, select your world and help us to give you relevant and interesting communications and announcements!


Anonymous said...

what if you are a member of multiple worlds that you play? Can you add more than one?

Pier said...

right now you can't, but it will deploy in the roadmap. Eventually, you could choice "other worlds"

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