Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Piclens! Turn Your Gallery in a 3d Experience

Koinup supports Piclens! Piclens is a browser addon that allow a 3d cinematic presentation of web images! Tahnk to Piclens your Koinup Gallery can become a fully immersive space!
To enjoy this feature of Koinup, you have to install the addon!
Go here , download it and follow the screen instruction!
Once the component has been installed, Jump on Koinup and browse the latest works on the website!
You can activate the 3d immersive presentation, by dragging the mouse near a picture and clicking on the “Play” botton, that you will find at the botton of the image!
As soon as you clic, Koinup will become a 3d immersive art museum and your work will be browsable in more funny and engaging way!
Read our tutorial if you have some probs, with Piclens!
Give us feedback on this new feature!
Piclens is brought to you by Cooliris, a web company that works on browser addon and Firefox gadget!


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