Monday, May 5, 2008

Some advice in order to protect your artworks

Some members have contacted us in order to get some tips to protect their Koinup works!
Well, this is an important let us tell the following:

1) If you have some artworks, machinima, photos that you don't want other share, use, post it, you have the chance to make it private or visible only to your contacts

2) If you, otherwise, encourage other to share, use, sell, etc your artworks, you can type the kind of licenses you are going to use for it
(koinup still lack of a tool to select creative commons licenses, but it is already scheduled in our road have a little bit of patience, we will have it)

3) We have made visible only to the owner of a works, some of the links most used to share works, as the EMBED Link and the BBCode Link


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