Monday, May 12, 2008

Some Koinup Features

We wanna start a series of posts dedicated to some of the most important Koinup Features. At first, we would like to introduce to you: Broadcast and Storyboard

Broadcast: Have you just post your masterpiece on Koinup. Have you some excting news that to share with your Koinup Friends? Well, thanks to broadcast you can send them a group message, with only a single click.
You find the link to send broadcast, below the message clipboard in your personal page. Here other entries on broadcast.

Storyboard: In the Upload page, beside videos and pictures, you can find an other media: storyboard. What's about it?
Storyboard is a media feature that allow you to create stories and tutorials on Koinup. It provide you with the chance to create a long sequences of images, mixing pictures and texts(up-to 30 images for each storyboard).
If thought, not still massively used by our members, storyboard has a lot of users on Koinup. Here are some members, having fun with storyboard
Here, otherwise you can find previous entries dedicated to the storyboard


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