Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to Make Realistic SL Photos, Tutorial!

Hosho Self Portrait
Hey guys, I wanna share with you this amazing tutorial, created by Don Hosho!
Don is an amazing artist and he has been so kind to share with the Koinup community some secrets of his art! Here you can browse his coolest works on Koinup

Have a look, now! At the Tutorial in the slide mode or in the list mode

Follow the example of Don, share with the community your secrets and your tutorial will be featured on the Koinup Blog!

If your work pass unnoticed, please leave me a message on my Koinup Profile!


A.Hosho said...

Thank u very much for featuring my tutorial. I have corrected the spelling mistakes today. and in few days the next chapters will be online. Thank You again, I feel honored ^^

Pier said...

can't wait to read/watch the new chapter! I think it is really important to share techniques....

I love the idea of making Koinup as an place where expert meet newbie and newbie find suggestions for creations....

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