Friday, July 4, 2008

New Widgets! Install on Blogs, with a single Click!

We know you love widgets! You love display your Koinup works, pics and videos on your blogs, facebook and myspace pages! Because of this, we have developed new excting widgets!
We have added new formats, new sizes, new graphics, new style and overall we have builded a new widget plaftorm from scratch!

Now you can install the widgets on blogs and social networks, with a single click!

How? Its easy, go here in the widget page! Create your Widgets, by chosing on the various options and then select your blog plaftorm or social network, then insert your credentials and post the widget on your page!

You don't have no more to copy and paste the codes! Just one click and its done! Go now!

There is more, you have taken part in some contest, you can install also the widget of the contest you have entered!

Here are the new excting widgets!

For example The Widget of the just finished SL Portrait Contest
Koinup: Your <a href="">Virtual Life</a>

Or the contest of the most belowed Windlight Contest
Koinup: Your <a href="">Virtual Life</a>

You can install also smaller formats....
Koinup: Your <a href="">Virtual Life</a>

or as you may already know, vertical ones...

Our Widgets are based on the Gigya Technology!


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