Monday, October 13, 2008

Photo Sessions. Mentors Project

For this 1st Orange Island & Koinup Photo Session of October we are proud to host a great concept created by Trixibelle (Cala Rossini in SL) called “Mentors Project”.

Join us on Orange Island on Tuesday October 14th at 12PM SLT to show your work to Koinup’s most talented Mentors: Cala Rossini, Kali Meads, Kee Llewellyn & Ji Dallagio. They will review your work and make a deep analysis of it, they will also give you advices, tips and techniques to improve your snaps & uses your favorites softwares!

So don’t be shy and come present your work or just watch others pictures. Is there a better way to improve and become an artist? We are here to share techniques, tips and advices not only to people who share their snaps, but for everyone!

All the community will benefit from this project! Take part in it, Learn, Share and Have Fun!

Please contact Mat Sierota or Koinup Burt in Second Life if you want to share you work with your photographers fellows.

Read the announcement also on Orange Island blog

This is the direct link to Orange Island in SL


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