Friday, October 17, 2008

Top SL Places of the week

WhitechapelDemsne - Liqueur Fe...
We have recently added new filters in the SL Locations Directory!
Now you can browse the SL coolest places(and recent) of the week! I think it is a quite interesting feature because hereafter you can have a better perspective on the new sims growing in popularity and intercept the trends in Second Life residents and the hotspots of the next months....
Maybe we will see raising from Koinup, new figures as Metaverse Explorers and travelers, with skills in discovering places and betting in the most populars...

I invite Koinup members and readers to display on their blogs or Facebook profile, the widget of the top latest sims

If you are looking for inspiration for new places to explore, I invite to have a look at this Wiki, created by Ravenelle

You can also read about this new Koinup Brand Feature on New World Notes.
Hamlet Au just wrote an article on Second Life Places Widget and feed!


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