Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Koinup Statistics

During the latest months, Koinup grew consistently. The perpetual updates on the website both drove to Koinup new people, I'm thinking mainly to the Places Feature and to the contests and also helped to retain the old members.
So, Today we wanna share with you some preliminary statistics about the website

1) About 100K works uploaded
The major part are images, but there also some some machinima and storyboards.
Almost all the stuffs are from Second Life, The Sims, IMVU members. But I wanna direct your attention also to some relevant stuffs from World of Warcraft and OpenSim

2) About 100K visitors monthly
We are getting traffic from all over the world. There is no area on the earth that it is not represented on Koinup. A big share is from United States and Europe, but also Asia, Oceania, Latin Americas and Africa use to visit Koinup

3) More than 1M impressions monthly
Thanks to Internal Messaging System, The Koinup Visual Editor, The Comment You've Made and other features Koinup is more amusing and people seems to have more engagement with the website. Each visit produce many page views, because people and visitors have fun on Koinup

We are still a small crew, but we are growing quickly and overall we have lot of fun, while doing that!
So thank you very much to all of you for your support, membership and for stopping by
(wherever you are from)

Browse some cool Koinup works, now!


Deb AKA Clarrice Cinquetti said...

I have almost completely left Flickr.
I really like that Koinup is dedicated to the worlds we visit and the postcard option is great for finding new places to visit.
So nice to see snaps of Secondlife that haven't been so photoshopped that you would never know it was even taken in SL.
Keep up the great work!!!

Solange said...

I agree with Clarice, the specialization of Koinup in the virtual worlds set it apart from (and higher than) the rest. I'm happy for your growth and hope that you'll succeed in attracting more users to Koinup.

May I suggest an idea while I'm at this? When I am looking at the works of my contacts, I have to always click the back button to get to the overview of the pictures. It's sort of tiring and maybe if there is a next/previous buttton, people will have more time and energy to browse. Similarly a set of navigation buttons when viewing the work of a member will also be quite helpful. Whatdya think?

Pier said...

Thank you very much Clarrice and Solange, I'm very glad you both like the postcards option and the specifity of Koinup for virtual worlds. We will keep to do our best for improving more and more the website


I'm asking to the technological chief of Koinup, Edo, to reply to your suggestion, Solange

Edo said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@Solange: To allow our users to browse works in a more efficient way, we've added the support to a very cool browser slideshow/add-on: Coolirs (formerly PicLens)

With this tool you'll be able to view all the works you're browsing in Koinup on a "wall", and avoid the use of back browser-button.
Actually we support Cooliris on all works list, on the work page (showing all other author's works) and on the places works.
Unfortunately at the moment it's not yet supported on your contacts' works, maybe we'll add in the future.

Now we're actively developing a really exciting new community feature, so stay tuned!


Solange said...

Thingamajig! What a cool viewer. Thanks for pointing it out Edo!!!

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