Friday, December 5, 2008

Gorgeous Sims Creativity on Koinup

Not alone, anymore

There are gorgeous Sims Artists here on Koinup, some of them are sharing their works and getting fantastic peer reviews from their friends!
Today I want direct your attention to this splendid example of Sims 2 Art created by MedeAthena
Not alone, anynore by MedeAthena is, since some time, the coolest work published on Koinup! It is getting tons of comments, favs and positive feedbacks from all the community!

You can view other fantastic Medeathena Artworks here, you can also grab a sneak preview over the all time coolest works posted on Koinup

Together with this entry, I'm starting a new series of posts dedicated to the most active-interesting-popular artists and works featuring on Koinup. You'll get updates on this series soon!


Anonymous said...

Oh...I don't have words...I'm so touched, so proud...I really can't explain how much I'm happy for this post!


...thank you, with all my heart!

Pier said...

No prob Mede, this piece really deserve it!

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