Monday, December 22, 2008

Koinup Interviews: Katielovelace, A glamorous Imvu Avi Artist

IMVU Art is a quite vibrant scene in Koinup.
There are many photographers, creatives, artists, designers from IMVU and they are sharing tons of interesting works.

Between them, Katielovelace is highly recognizable, because of her unique and glamorous style. Katielovelace is one of the most popular artist on Koinup and she is also widely appreciated in IMVU, where she is known as KLLGraphix

Here's the Interview with Katie

Q: When you're creating new contents and photos, where do you draw ideas and inspiration from?
A: I go by the screenshot generally…what comes to mind at the time. I don’t ever really get inspiration ahead of time. I just see what brushes I have open at the time on photoshop and think of something from there! In some respects I am not very imaginative with my pictures. I prefer to work on enhancement of the actual avatar than creating a scene/background – because most of my work is requested I normally get told what to do!


Q: What advice would you give to newcomers and beginners with IMVU art ?
A: It pays to learn the software that you are using. People are always asking me questions like “how did you do this?” “How do I do that?”
I have no degree in graphic design, I’m completely self taught by reading tutorials, books, watching videos (there are plenty of good video tutorials available online if you search). The best thing though is to investigate what your software actually is capable of by opening up a blank document and seeing what various buttons do if you click on them. If you are thinking of taking up graphic art as a full time hobby like myself then I would recommend investing in a Graphics Tablet of some kind as it’s a lot easier than using a mouse, and is great for hair enhancements.
(IMVU hair is one of the most exciting area in the IMVU Art genre)

My last word of advice is “Patience” - have lots of it. If it doesn’t turn out right the first time…

Q: Which are your fav works on Koinup and why you love them?
A: We have some very talented virtual artists here at koinup and I have several listed in my favourites. Not all of my favourites are IMVU related either.

here are a few:
wrack framed by Andega – I love the colours in this photo. The light enhancements in the water by the hut in the background, the reflections at the front of the water, the sunset behind the boat …I want to be sat up there on the roof of the hut!

One night Stand by Nikalu – what can I say!? I only actually noticed the male avatar in the pic today, like most females….I was just fixated on the shoes beforehand!

Dream on - by Trixibelle – its almost as if heaven has opened up and the angel is going to go back into the skies again…. So dreamy!

International Men - by Tur – come on!!! I’m sure ANY girl would list this in her favs!

Q: Which Koinup artists would you recommended for the next Koinup Interview?
A: Tur – he's an incredible artist

Q: What you most love to do while you are in IMVU? Are there some places/room where you love hangout?
A: My Green room of course!!! I have my green room set as my default room – I also set it up as a public room. I tend not to chat so much on IMVU, I mainly use the client to develop or to take screenshots for post enhancement.

Q: What are your upcoming projects in IMVU and with the Art?
A: In the new year I will be opening a graphics shop in the forums and starting off the year with half price discounts on all my art, so make sure you come and check out my homepage for more details. I will also be making more realistic textured rooms and furniture bundles.

Q: Are you exploring other virtual worlds for creative ventures?
A:I downloaded SL but my laptop just cant cope with loading of graphics and half the time everything is grey as the textures have not loaded properly. I also find moving about quite difficult, im a bit of a SL Noob. I find the IMVU avatar is easier to dress too…SL seems like too much hassle – but I will be proven wrong if someone can show me how to set up my own graphics shop on there!

Browse more Katielovelace works here or read the other koinup interviews here


GTXXTG said...

I'm glad that you picked Katielovelace at first for an interview. She's an important lady for the art of IMVU, to put it on the map of digital design. Here pict are always a bombard of creativity and here style has a high quality level. Congrts for all your works... GTXXTG

Anonymous said...

She uses Stock Photos, Thats not Art..thats just stealing.

Pier said...

She is the author of photos! the watermark has been created by her in order to protect her work from thieves

kllgraphix said...

lol - im not even going to rise to that post.


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