Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Second Life Art of Kimberly Mirabeau

Magic Mirror

If there is something really hot right now in Second Life, this is surely the Second Life Art Scene and Community. Today I love to introduce readers to this fantastic artwork by Kimberly Mirabeau
The piece is called Magic Mirror and it depict a wonderful woman in front of her mirror.....

The image is a remake of Mirror Mirror by the Deviantart artist Mahmood Al Khaja. All the poses, set and set has been built and created by Kimberly. So this artwork is a proof that Second Life Pictures are not only images but whole creations and a new brand artform.

You can look at the whole KimberlyMirabeau Gallery here


Anonymous said...

More than deserving of this recognition... your work shines through the heart that speaks to your vision.


Anonymous said...

Being privy to some more than private information I am about to share~ Kimberly has absolutely no idea how extremely gifted she is. She is a visionary, and as luck may have it for the rest of us, skills to bring those visions to vivid life for all of us to enjoy.
Being her number one fan is a task I take quite seriously, and one would need tenacity to do this as she has absolutely no pretense when it comes to her work. She may consider something she's done "nice, decent, well done" but never the words the general public at large would use such as "amazing, breath taking, astounding, original, etc."
I'm lucky enough to call her friend, and even more blessed to consider her a sister. She's like a bright star in the sky- something one notices from afar and marvels- but up close, she is a true supernova. Did I mention she is absolutely sweet and funny?
Congratulations, you deserve it. I know how hard you worked on this.

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