Monday, January 12, 2009

Icarus Robbiani's "Trigger" featured on NWN

TriggerSays Icarus Robbiani To Hamlet Au: "I have duplicated the background layer to create the frame effect," and continue "then I used first a glow effect and after the 'Soften Portrait', finally I have applied with a new layer the texture 'Antique Texture' with blending mode 'Overlay'."

Trigger is one of the most fashinating photos by Icarus and you can read the story behind this pic, here on NWN

New World Notes use to feature Koinup Works on the New World Tableau Column so I suggest you to let Hamlet knows about your works, and contact him on his Koinup profile (SL Hamlet)

He is most interested in Second Life and Open Sim pictures...


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