Thursday, January 22, 2009

Koinup Interviews: MedeAthena, creativity beyond virtual world borders

MedeAthena, from Italy, is actually a "benchmark" for the Koinup artistic archive. Her pieces are getting hundreds of comments from all over the community.
She is well know Sims Artist, but started recently to work also with Second Life, with some remarkable results

Here's the Interview with MedeAthena

Q: When you're creating new artworks, where do you draw ideas and inspiration from?

A: Usually everything starts from my mind, like a light switched on…often just a song lyric, a sentence from a book or an emotion I’m feeling are enough to inspire me a pic. In the last months I’m drawing a lot of ideas from role playing games developed as Sims contest…so, much of the merit goes to the players that write stories and dialogues with me, linking their characters with mine ( for example, Mika with Will and Sam, Kady with James and JD, and so on)


Q: What advice would you give to newcomers and beginners with The Sims Art and photography?
A: The most important thing? Having fun! The photos express the spirit of the artist, and for this reason everyone has a value and deserves to be appreciated. And above all…try always to be original! The most beautiful aspect of art is that it allows you to express thoughts and emotions through your own conception of the world, that is unique and irripetibile…do not waste it conforming to models that are not yours and you don’t feel yours. It's your chance to  show your soul...

Q: What are you favourite tools for editing? Is there some cool tricks about editing and your style you'd love share with friends ?
A: First of all, I use a screen-capture software called Fraps to take images in high resolution. Then…I really don’t have my own technique, it depends on the final result I want. I always try to round the shape of the sims with the Fluidify tool…I hate to see my characters’ edges so squared! I suggest to try also to use textures and play with the layers options, they can do amazing effects to the pic. But I always say that my favourite technique is…randomness!

Q: Tell me your absolute 3 favs on Koinup and why you love them?
Only three?! It’s so hard to choose…well, I think that my top favs are
A: I’d like to say farewell with a smile By Violentdoll
Malice looks like real and alive, this pic can tell you more than a book…

B: Bride of love By Kady, one of the best compositions of lights, shadows, colors and feelings I’ve ever seen!

C: There was no pain By Magggg, beyond the unbelievable artistic side, it’s so full of emotions that really touches me every time I watch it.

Q: Two Koinup members you should recommended for the next Koinup Interview and why?
A: Only two?! There’s so many artists I love and I appreciate: first of all Kady, Magggg, Mika_Chan, Sour_Tea (she's a genius!), Kira_87, Shanti_Ashtangi and Lithea for The Sims, Panteleimon-Aeon, Angel_Ronmark and Tessybaby for Second Life…
I'm sure I forgot someone...they are really a lot! I didn’t mentioned Violentdoll, Trixibelle, Eves_Rodenberger and Icarus Robbiani only because they already had their interview (follow the Koinup interviews here), but they are in my favourites.

Q: What are your upcoming artistic projects?
A: I don’t have real projects, I always work with the inspiration of the moment…but I have 2 or 3 pics in my mind, one of them leaving the dark atmospheres and more on the fantasy side…I like trying always new sceneries for my pics.

Q: Along with The Sims, are you exploring and testing other worlds as tools for creativity?
A: Yes, I’m on Second Life since a month and I really love it! Especially, I adore the lot of different places I can visit and the effects I can apply on the environment with the windlight effects, so I’m thinking to use often SL pics as background for my sim characters. I’ll never thought I could have such fun taking landscapes shots before Second Life.

Browse all the MedeAthena stream here


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