Monday, February 2, 2009

IMVU as Machinima Tool!

IMVU is well known for his potential as avatar art tool, but only a few people know that it could be a valuable tool for making machinima, too!

Following is an example of the IMVU video potentiality!

<a href="">Just Shut Up, and Reboot!</a> - a <a href="">IMVU Machinima</a> by <a href="">FreyjaMoon</a> on <a href="">Koinup</a>

video by FreyjaMoon


Unknown said...

Wow! That was fast! I Googled IMVU machinima and your post popped up third on Google:)

I am eagerly awaiting The Sims 2 to get here, and in the meantime, I have been finding other ways to feed my machinima habit, and IMVU does have a lot to offer if you have the patience to work with it:)

Thank you so much for posting this:)

Freyamoon (FreyjaMoon)

Pier said...

dear Freya, keep up your great work!!!
I think that IMVU has a lot to offer to creatives, artists, videomakers...

I'd happy to showcase other IMVU videos here on the blog...

Anonymous said...

Xcellent clip mate :)
I'm impressive
After almost 5 years in SL I decide to give IMVU a chance, that's machinima gave me a kick LOL
IMVU isn't bad after all tho

Anonymous said...

oops, Freya it's a lady? :)
sorry for the "mate" :D
Anyway this machinima it's pure "piece of art"

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