Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Koinup Exploration HUD v2.0

Talia Tokugawa just finished version 2.0 of the Koinup Exploration Hud.

You can grab the HUD for free on XstreetSL

You can get the instructions, here, on the Talia website, in the section dedicated to the Koinup Huds

What's new with the 2.0 version?

Well, let me give you some hints!

1) Slurl Generator:
By using the HUD menu, you can now generate the SLURL for the sim you are at the moment and open it in a chat. So, that it is ready for using on Koinup and other websites

2) Koinup Coolest Things :
By using the submenus, you can now connect with all the most interesting things happening on Koinup (the coolest sims of the latest days, the coolest avatars, the inworld Koinup group group chat, etc)

I highly recommended to give the HUD a try and leave your feedback to Talia

The old version got recently a genuine positive mention on the Koinup partner journal New World Notes. The new version is even more useful, interesting and very easy to manage!

The pack include the super-cool Koinup T-Shirt made by Hynesite Harbour


Talia Tokugawa said...

Note: The item you get from Slex is a box with the HUD inside. You need to unpack the HUD before wearing it.
(my most negative response as yet)

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