Monday, February 16, 2009

Neko and Steampunk Shops in a Cyberpunk virtual street

Just stumbleupon this cool sim, called Bytegang. This sim has been discovered by Talia Tokugawa (Talia, I wanna remember is the author of the Koinup Explorers HUD)

On Bytegang you can find Neko and Steampunk stuffs or browse cool cyberpunk and oriental-blade runners like builds....

Here's the widget with the latest photos from this place

Koinup: Your <a href="">Virtual Life</a>

I invite you to have a look with your eyes (direct slurl) or browse more Bytegang works


Talia Tokugawa said...

*grins* thank you Piers :)
Just putting the final touches onto version 2.0 of said HUD.
New features along the lines of increased linkage between the Hud device and Koinup/Blog. (Funnily enough I actually noticed this post via the hud ^.^)
At some point later today I will face the arduous task of going through my sales records of the previous Hud and sending out the latest version. One of the many new features is an auto update system. So that task will only be a one off :) I will also send it out as a notice on the in-world group.

If you can't wait to see the new features, I have also started a Project page.

Pier said...

I can't wait to see, try and let know the version 2.0 of the HUD with the new features.

We want to integrate by any means the link between Koinup website and the inWorld experience.

The metaverse HUD is perfect for that, keep us updated on the release!

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