Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring in Virtual Worlds. Try to convey with an image

Spring is knocking at the door. So, I feel it would be nice to give community this artistic assignement: express in the best way, what the spring is or can be in virtual worlds.

Try to imagine the awakening of nature, or the awakening of senses or whatever is spring in your imagination.

Last year we made the Sims 2 Spring Contest, and it was a pouring of colours and ideas, maybe you can draw some inspiration from there.

Post your spring attempts on Koinup (maybe they are already on the website) and leave the links on the comments to this post

I'll post them in a next post.

New Trails

image by by PrinzPhotostudio


Anonymous said...

Red leaves on Trees = AUTUMN

not spring, chaps!

(BTW the verification image for the blog does NOT work in Firefox)

So most of us can't be arsed to comment

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