Friday, March 20, 2009

The Art of Machinima. Koinup Interview with Luca Lisci aka Vive Voom

Luca Lisci aka Vive Voom is one of the emerging artists in Second Life machinima scene. Indeed, he's more than emerging, he has some unique experience, as he took part in the Peter Greeneway project Blue Planet as machinimist (you can watch here the Blue Planet footage edition) and work in the art fields since many years. These months Luca is not only working with Machinima in Second Life, but he is starting a whole survey of all the virtual worlds potential for making cinema.

Here's the Inteview!

When you're creating new artworks and machinima, where do you draw ideas and inspiration from? And What is your background in Art creation?

I've always got myself into building stories and fables. Every installation, movie or image I make (virtual or not) is an attempt to extract pieces from 'mindscapes' inside of me.. and you know what? .... when i got them out of my mind they start to talk to me in a different way, giving me the opportunity to unchain new visions's quite a never ending trip in itself LoL... I keep looking for that experience at every moment of the day: this quest has become a mantra, a beautiful obsession... I cant simply stop.
I only got relief when I cross through other artist's experiences, like rewinding movies again and again ,for example Bergman's The Seventh Seal , Cronenberg's Videodrome or Greenaway's Prospero's Book.

I started my career as a young concept artist and illustrator for kid's books and games, while studying design at politecnico di Milano university. I worked in so many different creative businesses, from the CG industry to web to advertising to art exhibitions as creative director. See, my father is actually a painter, and i think that's the main reason why i feel so urgent about making art... something in my blood i think :-)

<a href="">I will kill Vive Voom teaser m...</a> - a <a href="">Second Life Machinima</a> by <a href="">ViveVoom</a> on <a href="">Koinup</a>

What advice would you give to beginners with Second Life art and machinima making?

You know, the main thing is: 'express yourself'! Think out of the box, Art's is not for the faint of heart..We are in a wonderful age: we really can share, build, and live our imaginery togheter, thanks the digital worlds..... It's not easy, but always be proud to be artist, even in times of deep sadness or despair Art can give answers.

Tell me two Koinup artists you should recommended for the next Koinup Interview?
Hey it's full of people there, and so many virtual worlds to look into! I surely can nominee Kheri Batal, Poid Mahovlich, Velasquez Bonetto, Josina Burgess, Icarus Robbiani, Marco Manray, Mila Tatham, Arco Rosca, AWM Mars, Raul Crimson and many many others. I don't want to forget anyone, but really I think virtual worlds are the next big thing in art's history.

Along with Second Life, are you exploring and testing other worlds as tools for machinima?

Yes, I've already some experiments made in SIMS, There, World of Warcraft.
Recently with Solidea's team I've made some nice trip into OpenSim.

I'm looking forward about having the opportunity to cross all these worlds with a single avatar...It should be a big thing...since then I'll enjoy different techniques for different visions those worlds give me.


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