Saturday, March 21, 2009

Manage your Second Life business, using a Koinup Group

Some Second Life residents are starting to manage their inworld activities, using Koinup Groups. The Virtual Artist Alliance crew just created a group for his weekly photohunt . I invite you to join the group and take part in this metaverse project...

But, let me also give some further tips for sync your inworld activity with Koinup

1) If you own a sim, you can create a group with the same name of the sim
(this way, the group will be featured in the sim page on Koinup, here's an example)

2) If you have some activities inside virtual worlds, you may want to create a group to update members about news, announcement, contests related to your business (here's an example)(this is for all virtual worlds, not only SL)

3) Use threads to get involved more people over your brand/activity/club. Ask their feedback and build the community together with your buddies (here's an example)


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