Thursday, April 30, 2009

The quality of the images on Koinup

If you visited Koinup at later today, probably you saw that we changed dramatically the image interpolation algorithm (quality). The quality of Koinup images was a serious issue, and many users reported that the same image looked quite different once uploaded on Koinup if compared with other photo services.

We tackled the issue very seriously and now you can see there is a "net" improvement in the image quality. Pics are now sharper and more "clean".

In order to deploy the improvement, we have asked some Koinup long time users to test various pool of images, based on different algorithms. We wanna still hear from you, and hear if the quality is improved for you and what aspects of the image are getting the most evident benefits.

We also wanna hear if the quality is now quite exhaustive and you're completely satisfied about the results

Following are the first images, after the upgrade

Stream of consciousness

Lawrence & Carrie

It seems that even the postcards looks much more sharp and clean. The quality seems to be improved for all kind of images

Snooks Garden - Koinup Burt

Thanks to
Eves Rodemberger
Don Hosho

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