Monday, May 4, 2009

Advertising your virtual world business on Koinup

Some people on Koinup are creating a series of groups that could be easily used to promote inworld activity, business and enterpreneur initiatives.

Doubledown Tandino launched the group "Logos of companies in Second Life", while even more recently AFcreations created the SL Marketing Group.

These two groups are aimed at giving second life entrepreneurs a free space to advertise their products.

I'm looking forward to see similar initiatives for other worlds( have a look at "Beyond Second Life" thread in the metaverse group). I know there is a vibrant designers community in IMVU and a particolarly active CC creators crew for the Sims. I know moreover that other virtual worlds are raising with companies and custom content creators building amazing contents, as it's happening in Open Sim or Entropia Universe and others....

Hope we'll see soon marketing groups on Koinup for those other metaverses...


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