Friday, July 17, 2009

Frenzoo gives away special PRO 3D Creators Pass to Koinup Members

Remember the fun the last time you were involved with getting involved with something new and fresh? Frenzoo is a new browser-based, global 3D avatar community focused on lifestyle & fashion. Launched into beta this year, the site is developing rapidly, and all about user generated content.

Everyone can create their own content for free in Frenzoo, and PRO 3D Creators can import directly from 3D Max as well as other packages (Blender/Maya) via a Collada importer. Items (mesh and texture), animated items and avatar animations can be imported, as well as 3D Mesh "Templates" that can be used by others to make personal or derived items for sale

Frenzoo has a special "offer" for the Koinup members. The first 5 Koinup users that that will apply for the PRO 3D Creator Program will get the pass for free. To apply it is enough that you contact Simon, the Ceo of Frenzoo, mentioning in the mail your Koinup Page.

PRO 3D Creator Info. Consider also to join the Frenzoo Group on Koinup to stay in touch with Frenzoo members active on Koinup


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