Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Koinup's Cream of the Crop - SL Italian Community

Buona giornata! Koinup's Cream of the Crop column will be featuring fabulous communities and events within Koinup every week. Groups are really great places to connect other users with similar interests, share and view works with a theme, run contests, garner more exposure for your piece, or foster a community with a discussion board. There are a great number of groups on Koinup now, but there is always room for more so feel free to start your own.

For the premier column, I've chosen SL Italian Community. It's not a surprise that a country so rich in art provides a talented community of artists. With 444 works and 61 members at the time of this writing this group has really shown enormous talent. I grabbed a few highlights to show you what this group is up to.

Tempura - Autumn by SLnnItalyPhoto By: SLnnItaly

Tempura- Autumn by SLnnItaly is very impressionist looking. I love the artist's perspective and also talent in enhancing this piece to make it appear more as a painting. You can almost feel the oils on a canvas.

Magnificent by Marty86 Photo By: Marty86

Marty86’s U2 - Magnicent shown here is really pleasing on the eye as well and expresses strong romantic emotions. In particular, I love the perspective of this piece and the manipulation to give it a more ethereal feeling.

Silence by Ilary Photo By: Ilary

This last piece I wanted to feature is named Silence by Ilary. It is a bit more macabre than the others. I love Ilary’s sense of negative and positive space and the juxtaposition of the headstone with the sun sends the viewer a really unique message.

Ok...that is my group of the week. Click here and check SL Italian Community further. There is a ton of really quality work.

If you have an event going on inside your groups, please feel free to PM fiona_haworth on Koinup...you never know you might be picked for Koinup's Cream of the Crop.

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Anonymous said...

According to the KoinUp page, SL Italian Community only covers ISN Virtual Worlds SRL contents.

That page states under "Additional Information" that you're forbidden to add to the Koinup group any reference to regions that are not owned by ISN Virtual Worlds SRL - that is, these ones (I guess).

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