Friday, July 24, 2009

Meet Me in the Metaverse - Pathfinder

Since this is a new column here at the Koinup blog, I'm going to take a few moments and introduce it properly. Meet Me in the Metaverse is a new weekly column to highlight Koinup's new feature - Places. Currently this is can be found only on the Second Life World homepage. The places project is our way of collecting slurls making a collection of all the photographs taken of a particular sim. does one go about adding SL Places? The steps are really simple. During the upload process, include the slurl in the Add SLurl box on the Describe These Items page. Automagically, your photograph gets added to existing places or you get credited as the founder of a new place. YAY!!

Pathfinder - The 7 Elements Photo By: Icarus_Robbiani

Without further ado...Meet Me in the Metaverse presents Pathfinder. Pathfinder is two sims, the Highlands and Lowlands. Besides just being an amazing environment, the Pathfinder sims will eventually be a journey to enlightenment. While the journey adventure activities are still in the development stage, the builds seem complete and ready for discovery.

Exploring these two sims is a real pleasure as it was designed for easy navigation yet still pleasing on the optics. The builder’s goal was to provide a place of inspiration for its visitors. And that they have done. Complete with amazing vistas, rich environmental sounds, tons of places to sit and ponder or take some stellar pictures, these sims are definitely worth the visit.

PathfinderPhoto By: fiona_haworth

One of the things I loved best about my time spent here was what appeared to be carefully planned terraforming. Elevations themselves expressed the ascendance from the Lowlands into the Highlands. Each level has small sidesteps off the beaten path to while away some hours.

The Pathfinder sims are brought to you by the Institute of Human Development. In the near future the journey activities will be brought online. These activities will be rich in video content and give the visiting public an opportunity to expand their minds in an environment that is sure to stun them with the pure beauty alone. Read more about Pathfinder on their website:

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Unknown said...

Fiona - I am really touched and grateful for your wonderful comments. This blog project is fantastic and I wish you well. I will be sending you a guest voucher to join - and as a special thank you - anyone who reads this note can email me at and if you say you have come direct from the Koinup Blog you, too, will get a guest voucher (worth lots of real life money). This offer will hold until the end of 2009 (WOW!)

Adrian Pathfinder (SL)
Adrian Gilpin (RL)

Pier said...

thanks for the comment Adrian
I'm sure koinup readers appreciate a lot your offer. Keep it up the great job on the sims....

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