Monday, August 17, 2009

Koinup's Cream of the Crop - Historical Works

Humans by and large learn and retain greatly via visuals. History is one of those things without media becomes a mundane fact memorizing exercise. Creative individuals can be inspired by a study of history to use recorded facts along with a few graphic inputs to develop a picture of how things may have been.

Koinup's Historical Works Group is for pieces set in historical, ancient and times past. From Victorian to Stoneage, real or fantasy. These pieces provide a fantastic window into the perceived past. This small group of 22 members has over 200 posts and is looking for another moderator to ensure pieces stay within the theme. Additionally, they have started a discussion topic. Not bad for a group that just got started a few months ago. Looks like they are off to a running start on fostering a lovely community full of historical themes.

Dreaming, just try dreaming... by Link Photo by: Link

Link's Dreaming, Just Try Dreaming... is a tribute to WWII. Link composed a really lovely piece complete with appropriate attire and surroundings. Definitely has a nostalgic feeling to it.

The Mirror by MedeAthena Photo by: MedeAthena

MedeAthena's The Mirror expresses days gone by not only a very victorian themed subject matter but also with the monochromatic tones of the piece.

Malchik Gay I by Jasper Photo by: Jasper

Jasper's Malick Gay I shows some wonderful past era expression and beautiful depth of field. This work also contains a snippet of a story that Jasper illustrates both visually and textually.

Please feel free to PM me on Koinup and tell me all about what's happening in your groups. You never know when you'll be Koinup's Cream of the Crop pick of the week!

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