Saturday, August 1, 2009

Meet Me in the Metaverse - Athan

This week in Meet Me in the Metaverse I bring you - Athan. Fallen Gods Inc. set up this sim adjacent to their store sim as a place for exploration and of quiet retreat. It is truly awe inspiring. I couldn't stop my fingers from clicking the snapshot button while I was wandering around.

Koinup's place collection for Athan contains 60 unbelievable pictures and videos that will really inspire you to take the jump and see this place for yourself. If you don't believe me, check these out!

<a href="">Fallen Gods</a> - a <a href="">Fallen Gods</a> by <a href="">CarlaBroek</a> on <a href="">Koinup</a>

Machinima by: CarlaBroek

CarlaBroek's Fallen Gods is a lovely piece of machinima set to some beautiful piano music. In just under 4 minutes Carla takes you on a journey that highlights all the sim has to offer. Beautiful vistas, beaches, trees and temples. It's shot in realistic lighting so you'll truly get a sense of the sim as it appears without enhancements or windlight settings.

Fallen Gods 06 by YeNEO_Nagy Photo by: YuNEO Nagy

YuNEO's Fallen Gods 06 makes Athan look almost real life real. The sun reflecting off the water as well as the lens flare brings some true authenticity to the piece, like a postcard from your favorite vacation spot.

Under Full Sail by CarlottaCeawlin

Photo by: CarlottaCeawlin

I love Under full sail from Carlotta. It's a beautiful photo that was enhanced to make it into a magnificient piece of artwork.

As you can see Athan brings inspiration in tons of different ways. This collection of media is really amazing. After checking them out take the plunge see the sim and add your photos. Don't forget to tag your photos with a SLURL and it will automatically get added to Koinup's place collection. (Click here for freebie to make SLURLs with just a click - Codie's SLURL HUD)

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