Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meet Me in the Metaverse - Fat Tuesday

This week's Meet Me in the Metaverse features a sim called Fat Tuesday. For those of you not familiar with Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday seem like an odd sim name. However it's a literal translation (Mardi Gras = Fat Tuesday). In SL, Fat Tuesday is an amazing recreation of New Orleans' French Quarter which is where the United States biggest Mardi Gras celebration is held yearly in February.

Fat Tuesday is really well done contains builds like the St. Louis Cathedral, Louisiana State University, and a fun spin off of Cafe du Monde called Cafe du Gos. I even took a few photos I know I have in RL of the Big Easy.

Koinup's collection is a little weak in photos of Fat Tuesday so I'm hoping you readers will use your extraordinary photographer's eye and fill in some more photos of a place SL is lucky to have around. It’s a fun backdrop for fab pictures, a lovely place to hang out, and for those of you looking to get a bit of retail therapy, Bourbon Street has a few shops.

New Orleans French Quarter by Fiona_HaworthPhoto by: fiona_haworth

Here is a fun picture of Bourbon Street. I snapped this one as the trolley went by. As you can see the sim creators did a marvelous job capturing the essense of the French Quarter. Complete with colorful walls, hanging plants, and wrought iron balconies.

St. Louis Cathedral by AmiBeattiePhoto by: AmiBeattie

AmiBeattie's photograph of St. Louis Cathedral just blew me away. I love the reflection on the water and the mood she's given it with the color tones she chose for the piece.

Cafe Du Gos by Fiona_Haworth Photo by: fiona_haworth

So I just had to include this one. I have a pic of me in real life at this famous cafe - Cafe du Monde with the plate of beignets almost gone and powered sugar fallen on my black t-shirt. mouth waters just thinking about it. Big thanks to Gospel Voom for letting me relive this memory in SL!
As always, if you are interested in having your sim featured on Meet Me in the Metaverse, please feel free to contact me in game or via the PM feature within Koinup.
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