Friday, September 4, 2009

OMNIBUS Faeries and Furies.

Mythical beings arising from the unconscious both furies and faeries together represent the potency of creation which both creates and destroys.
Unlike the Indian goddess Kali who embodies both of these elements in herself, western tradition separates out the two forces into different beings.

Faeries can be seen as a combination of two traditional Elemental Beings, the Undines, (Beings of Water), and the Sylphs, (Beings of Air), although we have blended a flowery element into the mix in recent times. Goblins and Gnomes, elemental Beings of Earth are usually separated out further, and Salamanders, (Beings of Fire) are seldom heard of.

Furies are seen as representing the vengeance and anger of the dead, and are not the sort of thing you want to meet on a dark night.
Anyone who has spent anytime in a rainforest, however, will know that decay and growth live side by side and engender each other.

So...could I find any images that tell this tale?

Let’s start with water, this image is a perfect representation of an Undine. This is called Waterfalling by Kalida Alderson and its dreamy feel is such that the reknowned siren singing of the Undine that let men to their watery graves can almost be heard.

...and so... (also from Second Life), this airy beauty, midwife at Birth of the Butterflies, scent flying on the breeze... a lovely image by Carlotta Ceawlin, quite traditionally soft and elegant, blending Flower Goddess with Sylph.

Element, Fire, ...well... a perfect name. I had to include this beautiful Salamander because I love the treatment Kira 87 has used in this image (from the Sims).

So... a great and rather disturbing image, all is not well in the land of faeries... its called Devil’s Lair by Lotte and has an ambiguity which, as I have said before, I love.

No ambiguity here though, this is classic Fury. Jojobabe has captured a classic, almost Greek, image of the “revenge and anger of the dead”. She deserves praise also for corrupting the “fluffy niceness” of IMVU. It’s called the Curtain.

and.... Morgana le Fay has the last word this week, I think with Night Elf from WoW. This is an image of the duality of which I have been speaking, black and white in perfect harmony.

One thing that has been missing sorely from our culture for hundreds of years is the rather obvious idea that everything incorporates its opposite. Yin and yang, a cultural basic in eastern culture, is only now beginning to take root in modern Western thinking, ousting the Good vs Evil duality of (comparatively) primitive thought....

“duality is the start of all delusion”.

soror Nishi


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