Friday, September 11, 2009

OMNIBUS.... Grotesque, Gruesome and Gory.

Now, you may wonder why I haven’t chosen some nice photos of fluffy cats and red roses.... and other pretty things.

I’ll leave it to LL to try and clean up the grid ...... I like grubby.
Gamblers have been banned from SL and all the sexy people have been exiled to their own sim.... the ongoing attempts to convert Virtual Worlds to a Disneyesque PG Utopia continue... but not with my consent.

Life is a rich and multileveled experience, as film-makers (experts on “immersive” virtual worlds) know, blood and nastiness also sell cinema tickets.
So, a little look at the images that kind of make you uncomfortable is the order of the day.....

Now, as we know, there is more than a bit of ‘tongue in cheek’ with the ‘slasher’ movies, and this piece, called Evil Chic Jason, certainly appeals on that level.
xVeggie vampx has not specified exactly which world this little evil serial killer lives in, but it looks like IMVU to me.... great!
IMVU needs her.

This one from the Sims, by Kady, is not one that makes you smile...the ‘dead pan’, emotionless image is uncomfortable and disquieting.
A Pain That I Am Used To, it’s called, and the gesture of the free hand, the hint at self harm, all increase the ‘squirm factor’. Not a photo for your bedroom wall... :))

A strongly grotesque image from Torley, has such a totally mad it the eyes?? and the teeth aren’t that appealing either...
Evil Clown is a nasty piece of work, well executed, (as you might be left alone with him....)

Luna Scarlatta has a number of pieces that fall classically into this genre, I chose this one, Bloody, because there aren’t buckets of blood sloshed everywhere...until you start to look closer....
Head in she god who’s gonna clean up this mess? ...hmmm....probably not... maybe..”next!”...

This one is also from the Sims and is by Brunaozao, and called OMGX-X kkk.
I like it particularly because of the black humour and, as I have said before, the ambiguity appeals to me.
It’s what has been called Visual Narrative, without having a ‘back story’ rammed down your throat.

.....and I will no doubt rant about ‘back story’ on my own pages to spare you, dear reader, any more than the following thought...
...a ‘back story’, the attempt by the artist to tell you how to view a piece, eradicates ambiguity and flattens the image, restricting its universality and rendering it one dimensional.

Luckily Virtual Worlds are full of healthy creative anarchists.... cheers!



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