Saturday, September 26, 2009

OMNIBUS Introspection

As soon as you start looking at yourself in the mirror, introspection follows. The visual representation of ourselves often gets us thinking about our Self’s.

Virtual Worlds seem to be one of the most potent mirrors around.

The number of images of people in mirrors is disproportionate to the number of mirrors around (zero...:)) and more than one person has annotated their image with the statement that the idea for this image had been in their heads for ages like an obsession.

So... gotta be worth a look. The computer screen and the mirror are educational tools in this respect...

This image by Baroque is pretty classic, the idea that another world lies behind the mirror is one that repeats thoughout history and globally. Called through the mirror (Mirror) it’s great, I like the distortion, the surreal nature of it.

It is, for many, a journey...

Vivabug knows, as we all do, that both sides of the coin become manifest. In a very simple manner Mirror of Light and Dark sums up what many (of the hundred images) I have reviewed for this post show.... namely, some people see the dark side of themselves in the mirror.

That is the nature of self knowledge though, our failings become obvious.... its a milestone on the journey to self improvement.

Broken Mirror by Onirya is an image I like a lot. It seems to be multi-layered. Some dark, some colour....

The other thing that is expressed in images of the mirror on Koinup is that some people see their RL selves as grey and boring, and their Virtual Self as a colourful character.

This image seems to suggest that, but also, because the mirror is broken, this reflection may be distorted.....

Mirror, Mirror by Novadyszel is an image that is somewhat calmer and less troubled.

Water, a symbol of the unconscious seems to support this lovely being, and she looks rested, enjoying her own reflection...

Taken in ‘other worlds’ by LookatmyBack, this photo is called YAVM (Yet Another Virtual Myself) and the title defines a rather healthy (according to my philosophy) attitude to Self and Virtual Worlds.

There are a good number of self-portraits on Koinup of various qualities.

Now, I am very happy with the fact that I am a psychic manifestation of a Human avatar and, like LookatmyBack, I think I have as many Virtual Myselves as I care to create.

I would not like to define my Self, however, to just one “look”.

I hope to be a dragon when I grow up.



Cole Marie said...

EYE spy Catnip Alice in Wonderland Looking Glass mirror :D
sweet deal <3

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, you are a dragon already


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