Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top Second Life sims of the week recommended by Koinup community

This week the community of people active on Koinup shared a lot of fantastic places to visit in Second Life. So let us suggest you the most popular and clicked-trought.

Your travel could start with a journey in the wheat field environment of Dark Sin. The nature is one of the most hard challenges for sim developers in Second Life. But the guys at Dark Sin, perfectly convey the atmosphere of a disturbing and desolate field on which just one build stands

Dark Sin - Liqueur Felix

Still the nature is prominently featured at Sphinx. But this sim has a more fantasy and mytology appeal. Its a not a realistic nature but a mysterious and fantasy like environement that you can explore in Sphinx. Below you can view a splendid photo taken on there by Sebcaen

Rikokos water garden

Your travel next stop is Cesaire. On Cesaire, you can explore surreal builds and installations. The environment is quite artsy and exploring Cesaire looks like e journey in a contemporary art museum. If you're looking for some cool place to take photos with great subjects, you can't really miss this awesome place



Linda H said...

Checked these out last night--none exists despite intensive searches. What's up?

Pier said...

I didn't know exactly, its possible that some of them have been closed by their owners....this something happen in Second Life

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