Thursday, October 15, 2009

Auto-Share your Koinup pics to Facebook

What's better than updating two accounts with only one click? Today, we release a new Koinup feature that allow our members to auto-share their Koinup pics to Facebook. Its a two steps procedure. You have only to grab your Facebook upload email (the link works only if you're logged in FB) and paste it in your Koinup Account (same here, click if you're logged in Koinup). Then, each new picture you will upload on Koinup, it will be automatically posted on your Facebook profile.

Have a look at the tutorial, to visualize the procedure.

(You can also expand the autosharing functionalities, by adding your Flickr upload email to your Koinup account and starting to crosspost on Flickr. We explained this other option, extensively here)


LaMede said...

Ohhh *___* I was waiting for this useful feature! Thank you *__*

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