Sunday, October 11, 2009

Meet Me in the Metaverse - Black Taj & White Taj

One of the things I like best about SL is the opportunity to explore places I've been or I've wanted to go in RL. I really enjoy seeing how creators recreate RL places as well as expound on them and make them into something completely different. Today in Meet in the Metaverse I want to take you to just such a place. White Taj is modeled after the RL Taj Mahal. It's neighboring sim Black Taj is a product of the creator's imagination building on top of this already amazing structure.

These two sims are just amazing to explore and they connect via an impressive black and white bridge. Visit the dance hall, the shops, fountains, forest, and courtyards. Make sure you take the zeppelin ride fantastic tour among the grounds or grab couples rowboat if you like a bit more work. Lastly don't miss the sky garden at high above the white taj. Both sims were built by the ever talented Jenne Dibou of JD Mechanical Toy Factory and a version of the Taj Mahal is on sale at her shop.
White Taji by mizukiPhoto by: mizuki

White Taji by Mizuki really rocks. The illusion of 3D really brings an element of being there. As you can see both structures are contained within as well as the zeppelin coming off the page. Additionally, the colors on this work are just amazing. Well done Mizuki!

Photo by: HarperGanesvoort

Harper does a really fantastic job of capturing both the White and Black Tajs in this piece. As you can see they are not identical and that the black is a lovely derivitive into fantasy.

White Taj by SebcaenPhoto by: Sebcaen

The White Taj by Sebcaen is a really great stylized piece. It reminds me of drawings done of the RL structure.

If you are interested in having your sim featured on Meet Me in the Metaverse, please feel free to contact me in game or via the PM feature within Koinup.

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