Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Koinup Column: Stories From The Machine

Greetings Koinup friends! Phaylen here! Some of you may know me from the machinima web series "DiVAS" while others may remember me from Virtual Big Brother or as the American Correspondent for the Italian production company Magnolia in their virtual production of Celebrity Survivor which aired in Italy, Germany and Japan on Rai.Due. Maybe you've listened to my Podcast or watched the show I produced "I Wanna Be A Celebrity!" Maybe you've run into me in Second Life where I've been active for the last 7 years!

What's that? You don't know me at all?

Well nice to meet you! I can't tell you how honored I am to have been asked to join the family here at Koinup where I have been a member since it's very early days! I am so fortunate to have gotten to know a great many of you artists in the realms of Machinima, photography and digital art during my time here, and the work many of you share on Koinup is nothing short of inspiring.

As a contribute to the Koinup blog, I'll be writing a weekly feature on virtual films - or, Machinima - from around this vast Metaverse. The community of filmmakers who harness the power of various virtual platforms to tell compelling stories is ever growing. In "Stories From the Machine," we will spotlight creators who have made some of the most remarkable achievements in that spectrum. Today, stories that have the power to move, immerse or invoke reaction are no longer limited to books, television or Hollywood productions. In fact, some of the most interesting tales are coming right out of World Of Warcraft, Second Life, The Sims, Halo or any number of virtual words and engines! There are even some amazing productions coming from various software developed specifically for machinimists to manufacture their stories. Ultimately, the term Machinima (A portmanteau of Machinine Cinema) encompasses any production created in a graphics engine or game engine, and it has carved out a pretty profound niche for itself in online culture!

I hope that you - yes you out there, will upload your works here at Koinup to share with, and contribute to our wonderfully diverse community! Don't forget - You can even import your works from YouTube directly to Koinup! Help has created a wonderful tutorial if you'd like to know how! That said, I hope you'll also join me each week as we embark on new adventures together and explore some of the best Stories from the Machine!

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sororNishi said...

Welcome, I look forward to reading your posts....:))

Anonymous said...

hey very cool post and congrats on joining the koinup blog :-) if you would also like some exposure in Asia also please do join this facebook page and it is open for you to link and post to at your free will - cheers APLINK

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