Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meet Me in the Metaverse - Verdigris

This week on Meet Me in the Metaverse I'm taking you to the sim of Verdigris. This is a unique sim in both design and shopping. It's got a bit of duality to it with the east side having a bit of an old west feeling and the west side being a old time vintage village. A deep gorge with a beautiful river divides these two halves and giant walking bridge connects them.

The landing point brings you to the east side where you can find a handful of really neat shops, and some great tables and chairs to just sit, think, and enjoy the view. Climb down the many many stairs and under the big bridge there is a really fabulous grungy old dock where you can fish with 7Seas system, take a row boat out for a spin, or just relax in the chairs provided. Cross over the the west side of the sim to find things like an open air ampitheater and then fly up to the shops area that really catches the eye of most the shutterbugs...the vintage village on a train bridge to nowhere. Fabulously exectuted and wildly photogenic!

Verdigris by barkPhoto by: bark

Bark did a fantastic job of capturing this sim. What a jaw dropper! If this doesn't make you want to visit I don't know what will.

Verdigris by fiona_haworthPhoto by: fiona_haworth

I took this photo to show off the really fabulous build on the east side of the sim. It is the main shop for Dirty Rat and also a few smaller satellite shops. I really enjoyed just hanging out up top and enjoying the fab vistas.

Feel the Breeze in Verdigris by Shoji Photo by: Shoji

Shoji's fantastic shot here shows you what a picturesque place the fishing area really is. I really love how Shoji captured the sunlight on the water as well as the all the reflections. Nice job Shoji!

I really want to credit n0th1ng Ackland and Oriolus Oliva for making a wonderful sim to both shop and enjoy as well as a great landscape for taking some fab photos!

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shoji said...

Thanks a lot for featuring Verdigris along with our pictures (I mean, mine and the one of my mentor). Just for your information, the east side of Verdigris is under construction and will be reborn as a place where you can feel at home. Noth and Ori are now working on it.

Fiona Haworth said...

Thanks for the info Shoji! It's a great spot. You've got a ton of great photos in this pool...was hard to pick ;-)

bark Aabye said...

Thank you very much! Fiona-san~
Your frank words are so~nice^^
@Verdigris we can feel more slow time than SL,
with Noth-san and Ori-san's landscaping and
fantastic stuff...
Go go Verdigris^^
Keep the piece and smile:-)))

Fiona Haworth said...

Thanks for the fanstastic work was my pleasure featuring your piece. :-)

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