Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stories From The Machine Presents: The Princess And The Pea

A great many have no idea how difficult it is to make machinima. While my personal taste strongly favors original, coherent stories rather than the artsy type films, never let it be said that any machinima is "simple." Even more difficult is the adaptation of material and the translation of it to a new medium. Koinup member Toxic Menges tackled this with her rendition of the classic children's fairtytale "The Princess and the Pea."

The reason I adore old fables is quite simple really; It is the birthplace of storytelling. From William Shakespeare to The Brothers Grimm, from A.A. Milne to Lewis Carroll, the origins of storytelling are preserved indelibly; And before it became such a sophisticated art, it was to keep the imaginations of children ripe with wonder. Perhaps this is why some of those tales still find new audiences today, such as the forthcoming Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland.

Of course, bringing such a tale to life in Second Life must have been quite a chore, but Menges kept the integrity and whimsy of the story well in tact. Utilizing dreamy camera shots, beautiful sets and costumes, she brings the story to Machinima with a healthy dose of visual bliss. It's small in scope, as short fables should be, but keeps her viewers rapt in mini-delights, such as her own brand of subtle humor and the lovely original instrumental accompaniment by Xengu Kurka.

Pay careful attention to the composition of Menges' shots. The detail is staggering, from the lush backdrops to the ambient lighting. It is a little bit of magic captured, and a fitting modern tribute to an ageless tale.


Speaking of a little fantasy, have you entered Koinup's new 3D Fantasy Art Competition? Not yet? Well, there's still time enough for you to come and share a little bit of your own fairytale with us. Read all about it here!


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Jenn Forager said...

I love this machinima, and wanted to say thanks to noth Toxic, and Phaylen for bringing it to my attention.

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