Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Say hello to Virtual London

Twinity invites you on a virtual trip to Virtual London! They open the city in the hip neighbourhood of Soho: here you can meet nice people from all around the globe, visit beautiful sights and famous places - it's only one record speed teleport away! (Before starting the trip, don't forget to add a touch of realism to your avatar. Because you have to know that Twinity is going to replicate the reality, not escape from it)

On the other side of the teleport, there will be live music shows by international artists, open air quizzes and games (if you want to have an original Pub Quiz, you better check back during the week) and quite a nice bunch of Twinizens around to have a good chat.


After the launch of Berlin and Singapore, Twinity adds a new hit to its series of cities. What make Twinity exciting is that they are trying to think their virtual world as not with the lens of escapism, but more with the lens of augmented reality. That is: thinking virtual worlds as tools that increase the perception of reality.


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