Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top 20 rules to become a classy avatar!

This post is the result of a collective effort, made by me and the Koinup community. Basically, I called members of the Classy Avatar group to write "The top rules to be a classy avatar". They answered and we came out with 20 serious and semi-serious hits.

If you're asking how to make your avatar more glorious, awesome and trendy, more appealing for all, probably you may want to read this guide. Not all the tips are serious, but anyway, it's the nature of having a life in virtual worlds. There are real persons behind the avatars, but at the same time, life is a bit less dramatic in primitives. Here's the 20 rules....

(read the original thread)

1. Keep away from Orientation Islands (Pier)

2. Don't wear always the same outfits (Pier)

3. Don't wear the first stuffs you found in the inventory (Pier)

4. No bling (HoneyBear)

5. No clicky shoes (HoneyBear)

6. Don't be afraid to use your imagination. That's: avoid stereotypes (Blackmamba)

7. Put the accent on accessories (LookatmyBack)

8. Never wear a standard suit, be original and mix your wearable objects as long as they fit well together (LookatmyBack)

9. Just be in love with own avatar. Simple (ZERO-to-ZERO)

10. Never be a mimic. Meaning keep own originality (ZERO-to-ZERO)

11. You can be sexy without showing off your naughty bits (RedGarterMafia)

12. Class is as much a state of mind as it is an aesthetic (RedGarterMafia)

13. At least one or two top quality skins as these make more difference to your appearance than anything else. (LoquaciaLoon)

14. Wear an AO (Baroque)

15. No noisy gestures (Baroque)

16. The odd piercing is sexy, too many and you look like water will pour out of you when you drink (Trixibelle)

17. Don't use poses that stick up your middle finger!!! It's about as unclassy as you can get - class is about understatement and not trying too hard to prove to everyone you have attitude (Trixibelle)

18. Try to stay proportional with your shape. And please no Spotlights use to light up your body or face (lillyane_inshan)

19. Don't wear anything that talks (ShelbyZ)

20. Turn off your typing animation (StephanieHelsein)

(image above by Marva)


Juanita Deharo said...

May I add 'Learn to spell"? Nothing less classy than 'your' instead of 'you're'. And....never never call anyone 'hon'.

Pier said...

thanks Juanita, that's the 21th rule.....

Cole Marie said...

I think helping people at orientation island is classy. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with ColeMarie - it´s not so much where, it´s more how you are there and being arrogant is just feeding a small self-confidence. I personally like the saying: Less is more (for rules too..) ; )

Unknown said...

Ummmmm... how about "don't b pregnant inworld then keep ur babies in ur inventory". Geez, I just DON'T understand the need to b
1. Pregnant...
2. Have a kitchen
3. Wear a handbag
4. Say "Love u forever" when "forever" in a virtual game can mean " 'til I get bored"
5. many more....

p.s.Juanita, excuse me, but not everyone inworld is from the States or other English speaking/typing country... so, give us a break.
It is good enough that we r all making an effort talking english when we could b speaking Japanese, Turkish or Serbian.

Juanita Deharo said...

Sure, I will make an exception if English is not your first language. A little accent (or however you say it in typese) can be very classy and I love it, but since 'be' and 'are' are essential first lessons in English I have to say lazy typing (or too much texting) is no excuse for bad spelling.

Noone should say 'hon' though- in some cultures it means you are referring to that person as a whore.

Anonymous said...

Some people actually have children in SL because they are unable to have them in real life. So. I'd be careful how you treat someone you don't know in SL who is that way ;p You never know who you're speaking to.

sororNishi said...

Being nice to people is classy, being bitchy is the pits.

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