Monday, January 25, 2010

Cyber Photo Exhibition Opening!

Dear readers, you're invited this wednesday 27th of january to the Cyber Photo Exhibition Opening in the BladeRunner City (DIRECT SLURL FOR TELEPORT)

The exhibition, brought to you by Koinup and the amazing owners of BladeRunner City (Blackmamba and BladeRunnerSPN1977 Sands), will showcase the winning works of the Cyber Photo Contest.

At the show, you will have the chance to admire the terrific artworks of BlueEye, PonyMeredith, Rubina, Link, Serafina Ezvalt, Melodious Source, Bark, Bobby, Nuuna, Vero1324.

During the opening, Blackmamba will guide you trough the amazing BladeRunner City, one of the best example of pure Sci-Fi culture in Second Life


Lookatmy Back said...

I've been there! I enjoyed the fun-tastic "Cyber Photo Contest" grand opening yesterday in Bladerunner City! Meeting Koinuppers is always a pleasure, for sure! Bladerunner City is a perfect cyber location by itself, you know, and we were surrounded by superb cyber-art, and mesmerized by excellent music by Blackmamba herself! Oh, she's very talented, trust me! =)
Could you ever imagine something better?

So, dear Koinuppers of mine, this is my advice: you can't miss "Cyber Photo Contest" exhibit in Bladerunner City! You won't regret! ^_^

TitusL said...

Not sure ive been t Blade Runner City yet,
But this was pretty close.....

I will head over asap :)

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