Thursday, February 25, 2010

1st Koinuppers Party

In the magic environment of BladeRunner City, on this friday 26th of february, all of you are invited to the 1st Koinuppers Party to get a super mix of futurism, scifi culture, djing and social networking. Bladerunner City has the pleasure of hosting this party, and BladeRunner and Blackmamba Sands will guide you in the mix!

During the party, you will have the chance to attend the exhibition: "Futurism, Back to the Source" and enjoy amazing scifi contents...

Here's the program:
kickoff: 10AM slt
featured exhibit: Futurism, back to the Source
Dj guest appearance: Dj Bogomil Cortes (12PM slt)

Bookmark the event! Wear your cyberpunk outfits and jump in Bladerunner city to meet your Koinup friends and experience a great event! Teleport at the event!

Notes for different timezone: 10am slt is 18:00 in UK / 19:00 in Italy / 10:00am in California


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